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Tested and reliable aircraft. 5 h endurance and the maximum range of 450 km makes it a great choice for training centers, research centers both civilian and military. 


Barracuda - the first uAvionics aircraft, with redundant autopilot system. Doubled control system provides the highest level of security of the carried out mission - which is extremely important for civil applications. A spatial hull allows carrying up to 9kg of equipment and sensors on board.


The wide range of flight speeds, along with the function of spin-resistance makes Barracuda the best choice for training centers and research institutions.

Barracuda meets the ULC requirements for drones (of less than 25kg) and the US Federal Aviation Administration requirements (of less than 55 lbs). Barracuda is not a subject to ITAR (International traffic in Arms Regulations).


Interested? You can simply test the platform. Just send us a short description of the possible application.

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450 KM,

aerodynamics allows for an endurance over 5 hours and a range up to 450 km. Hence Barracuda is a reliable tool for observation, inspection and thanks to a wide range of flight speed and spin-resistance functions, works well in training centers.

This is the first uAvionics aircraft, and it immediately found the application in WZL 2 (that is a part of PGZ). Many hours of flight in various configuration make Barracuda the reliable solution for both civil and military applications.


equipped with a camera of more than 40 MPx resolution in order to achieve the most accurate data. During one flight Barracuda can acquire data from an area of 3 000 ha.

The aircraft is capable o carrying a laser scanner, which provides large amounts of terrain data thanks to a high frequency beam of light. As a result we get a digital image of a three-dimensional cloud of points. Lidar can be used together with a mapping head


​equipped with a system in which three separate flight controller can work simultaneously. It provides redundancy and allows the platform to continue the flight, even when a  failure of two autopilots occurs. Additionally a parachute available.

we provide comprehensive customer care, decision and technical support and unique service within 48 hours in Poland. The option is available in a form of a basic service or a full license.

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The following table provides a specification of Barracuda. 

Maximum takeoff weight
Maximum speed

25 kg

144 km/h

Empty weight
Cruise speed

14 kg

90 km/h

Stall speed

11 kg

55 km/h

Maximum endurance

5 h

3.86 m

Maximum range
Runway length

450 km

50 m

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We invite you to watch the video that presents a test flight of Barracuda.

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