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With a thermal imaging camera, a 30x optical zoom camera and the ability to turn cameras up, Inspector allows supervision of otherwise unreachable spots.


Meet Inspector - the new unmanned multirotor system, designed for a wide range of inspections starting with buildings, road and rail infrastructure, to electrical and heat networks.

The fully automated operation is based on pre-programmed flight path. The platform provides a comprehensive solution for professional business users.


Interested? You can test this platform. Just send us a brief description of the application.



equipped with an infrared camera (IR). Application for various inspections, thermal insulation, photovoltaic panels, heat networks or electrical networks.

next to IR camera there is an inspection camera with 30x optical zoom available. Useful for visual inspections of remote and difficult to reach places as well as damage detection.

equipped with a stabilization system that allows the camera to look 90 degrees up and 90 degrees down. Perfect for inspections from the bottom of the structures like bridges, reservoirs, viaducts and tunnels.


searchlight in LED technology, which allows you to better exposure all difficult to reach places and capture damages or run the inspection with a camera operating in visible light.

equipped with 6 six separate BLDC engines. This improves stability even if there are strong winds. It allows to maintain a stable flight, even if one of the engines or controllers is damaged.

equipped with a system in which three separate flight controller can work simultaneously. It provides redundancy and allows the platform to continue the flight, even when a  failure of two autopilots occurs.


we provide comprehensive customer care, decision and technical support and unique service within 48 hours in Poland. The option is available in a form of a basic service or a full license.

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30x ZOOM


The following table provides a specification of Inspector. You can also download a full brochure of this platform.

Maximum takeoff weight

7 kg

Maximum endurance

42 min

Payload weight
Maximum range

1 kg

30 km

Maximum speedd

70 x 70 x 40 cm

60 km/h

Size unfolded
Size folded

50 x 30 x 20 cm

FullHD, 30x zoom

IR, 35 mm lens

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Soon there will be a video available that presents key features and benefits of the Inspector. Meanwhile fell free to subscribe to our channel.

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Inspector can be used for monitoring and inspections in a number of sectors. Examples of these applications are shown below.

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